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Post autor: danyboy » 16 lut 2018, 8:06

Malifaux dla dzieciaków, ale też prosta mechanika do nauki absolutnie początkujących w bitewniaki.
Na pomysł wpadł Owen z opublikowane w 2015 roku), ale obecnie skasowane. Dzięki webarchive dało radę to odzyskać ;)


Malifaux is a pretty complex game – it’s why I like it, but it doesn’t lend itself too well to teaching kids to play it. I decided I’d teach my 6 year old daughter the basics of the game using a dramatically reduced ruleset, a simple strategy and a couple of basic models in each crew. I think as a pre-requisite the child should be able to do basic arithmetic, i.e. capable of adding a stat and a card value and able to identify which numbers are higher/lower than others. Other than that I think any child can begin playing this fantastic game… with a few simplifying modifications.

Rules Changes
  • No printed text on front of cards or in actions used
  • Actions available to models are Walk, Melee, Shoot and Interact
  • Only use the Ml/Sh stat, range and the weak damage value in Attack Actions
  • No suits, no triggers, no Tactical Actions
  • No soulstones, though Initiative Flips may be cheated (just once per player)
  • In Opposed Duels only straight twists performed, i.e. cheating always allowed
  • The winner of an attack deals weak damage to the opposing model
  • Reduced hand of 3 cards
Basic Strategy: Grab the Treasure
  • Setup: Place a single 30mm Treasure Marker at the centre of the table.
  • Special Rules: Models may perform a (1) Interact Action (Ed: like any interact action this may only be performed when not engaged) to attempt to collect the marker. The attempt is successful on a TN7 simple duel (Ed: no stat is used so a 7 needs to be flipped or cheated). If a model suffers damage while carrying the marker the player who dealt the damage may immediately place it anywhere in base contact with the model that was carrying it. A model carrying the marker may perform a (1) Interact Action to place the marker in base contact with them, thus dropping it.
  • Victory: The player who returns the treasure marker to their table edge (or corner) by having a model carrying the marker move into base contact with the edge/corner wins.